Will G35 Exhaust Fit G37?- Explained In Depth

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G35 and G37 both are two different models. Though they have quite the same look on the outside but from the inside, these beasts are quite different. You might even often confuse the beasts with one another. 

G35’s exhaust is often less costly and because of that, you might think about adjusting it to your G37. Now the question is, will G35 exhaust fit G37

The answer is a little bit controversial. To help you clear the confusion about the exhaust fit, we’ve got this article for you. Let’s have a look at the answers you’re looking for-

Will G35 Exhaust Fit G37

From rocket engines to cars, Nissan has got everything for you. Infinity G35 and G37 are both beautiful creations of the Japanese automaker Nissan.

Nissan made revolutionary changes to the exhaust acoustics between the G35 coupe and G37 coupe. The original sounds of the two cars are highly different when they have their stock exhaust.

So, the G37 has a quieter chamber than the G35. All because of the exhaust of the two beasts. If you’re a real car enthusiast, we are quite sure that you’ll love a little bit loud sound.

The query for the exhaust fit has two answers. Let’s start with the negative one.

You can’t fit the G35 exhaust to the G37. The reason is that G35 exhaust is made for a sway bar with one hump. On the other hand, the G37 sway bar has two humps. You can’t just place one hump where you’ll be needing two.

Now, the other answer is you can fit the G35 exhaust on the G37. But it’ll take a little work for you. 

This is for you if you’re a real car enthusiast and looking forward to experimenting on your car. You can cut and weld in a new straight section with the G35 exhaust you have. 

You see, the new chamber of G37 has the double intake and it fits completely different than the original G35 version. The exhaust piping is also different.

However, it might also depend on the year and section. Well, Y-pipes tend to be the easiest to share on VQ models. But often some older G35s require an extension for certain combos.

Other than these, everything else is going to be different if it’s a Coupe/Seda/X due to sway bars, mounts and etc.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have the answers to “ Will G35 exhaust fit G37?” However, the real question is that should you put the G35 exhaust on a G37.

You see, your car can show you the real potential only if it has all the parts exclusively meant for it. Yes, you can modify or upgrade it. But you’ll be putting it at a state which it wasn’t meant to be. 

So, you better not kill that ride that you love. It’s better to put all the stock parts including the exhaust. The rest is on you. 

Now, ride safe and ride more.

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