Will 370z Exhaust Fit 350z? Check the Compatibility

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The sound of your mechanical beast is like peace to the soul. You might agree if you’re a car enthusiast and if you love your ride. 

The breathtaking sound of your 350z is delivered to you by the exhaust of your ride. 370z was also a successor in the market like your 350z.

However, if you want to modify your exhaust of 350z with a 370z, the real question is will 370z exhaust fit 350z. Well, as both are pretty similar rides in all ways, the answer is a bit complicated.

To make it easier, we’ve got the answer with a few details for you. So, let’s go full-throttled and check out about the exhaust fit.

Will 370z Exhaust Fit 350z

350z and 370z were revolutionary releases in the automobile world without any doubt. In 2003 Nissan released the 350z coupe and shortly the 350z Roadster. 

As your marvelous 350z was made primarily as a road course warrior rather than a drag strip kind, the exhaust systems that you have for the car tend to enhance the power at high-revs. 

Also, most of the 350z and 370z are powered by VQ family engines. Often you’ll find a 3.5L V6 or a 3.7L V6. 

The V6 makes both of the exhaust sound so stunning. The reason is that the Nissan engineers were able to dial in an evocative, full-throated tone that you can feel the right way at both full and half throttle. 

You’re able to enjoy this beautiful experience only because 350z and 370 both were meant to offer a complete sports car experience.

Now let’s talk about the fitting of 370z on a 350z. 

You see, 350z and 370z are quite similar but the wheelbase of the 370z is quite shorter. There’s a chance that 370z won’t fit a 350z muffler. 

But again the 370z muffler might fit if you can weld on some hangers. It might fit with some cutting and welding. 

However, if you are always into new upgrades and willing to take risks, you can fit anything with some cutting and welding. Because the exhausts are completely different. And the tips of the exhaust come out differently.

Even though everything is quite different you can go for it. It might even cost you less if you go for some cutting and welding.


Now you have the answer to will 370z exhaust fit 350z. There are also many other options for you. There is quality exhaust in the aftermarket.

However, you have to be very careful if you decide to grab an exhaust from the aftermarket. Because there are many fake exhausts there. 

Also, you should avoid cheap exhaust too. If you’re not that much aware of car parts, it’s better if you just think about changing it to a stock exhaust. 

Because the stocks will give you and your ride the best time. Those are made to keep the consistency of your ride’s performance. So, let’s try to keep them real.

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