What is a Cat Back Exhaust System?: Explained In Depth

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Choosing an exhaust for your car can be really confusing for you. Often you’re confused with what you really want- sound or a power increase. You need to fix a certain goal that you want your exhaust to achieve. 

Now, if you’ve been searching for a nice exhaust, you might have come to know about the cat-back exhaust. And you might also be wondering what is a cat back exhaust

Well, to boost up your knowledge about the aftermarket cat-back exhaust, we’re here for you. We’ll help you to know what the cat-back exhaust really is and why you should consider it.

So, if you spare us a minute, let’s have a look at the precious information that you should know about your aftermarket cat-back exhaust.

What is a Cat Back Exhaust System?

Cat-back exhaust or cat in the back of the exhaust? 

Don’t worry it’s nothing related to a cat. However, the “cat” refers to your catalytic converter. The cat-back exhaust basically refers to what’s in the back of the catalytic converter.

Let’s just suppose that you want a simple power modification that’ll free up your exhaust gas flow. Also, you want it to produce an engine note that is more pronounced than your stock muffler.

Now, where do you go? Well, you can consider the cat-back exhaust system without any doubt. 

The thing you need to know about the cat-back exhaust is that it is typically made up of a rear pipe, a resonator, and a muffler.

Wait, there’s more about the cat back. It can often include a mid-pipe, X-pipe, H-pipe, or a Y-pipe. However, that honestly depends on the make of it and the model. 

Why the Cat Back Exhaust System? 

Now, the question that you might ask is that why should you consider adding the cat-back exhaust system on your ride. 

The answer is simple. Power. As power is what we all seek, you’ll get more power because of the cat-back. 

How much power does it add you ask? 

Well, the cat-back adds two-pound/feet of torque. Not only that but also you’ll get 2.5 horsepower. But the VTEC engine kicks in only once and the engine needs more airflow. 

2.5 HP might not sound a lot, but we assure you it is. Because every second will matter in the track to defeat your opposition. Even if you’re not on a track, you’ll never lag in the roads. 

You’ll also notice an increase in fuel economy after installing a cat-back exhaust system. You see, this is the result of the engine not having to work as hard pushing exhaust gases through the piping.

You’ll be pushing less pressure on your engine and doing it a favor. 


Now you know more than what is a cat back exhaust system. You’re ready to take a step and choose what’s right for your ride and it’s performance. 

After all, it’s for your lovely ride. So, the pipes might save lives.

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