Struts vs Shocks: All You Need to Know

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Have you ever wondered how your vehicle goes so smoothly over a bump? The struts and shocks make that happen. In short, they both absorb any kind of impact.

But what are the differences between a strut and a shock? Do they have any?

Well, to answer all of your questions regarding struts vs shocks we’ve compiled this article. So, without delay, let’s dive in.

What Are Shocks?

Shocks are an important part of the suspension system, also known as shock absorbers. The impact and rebound motion of your vehicle is controlled by this part. 

These things make sure that your tires stay on the road at all times. In simpler terms, they suck up energy. You see, without shocks, your vehicle would bounce off the road. Moreover, you wouldn’t be able to drive on bumpy tracks.

The main components of a shock are a coil, a piston, and most importantly hydraulic fluid. For instance, when you go over a pothole, it starts a compression cycle. Then, the piston puts pressure on the hydraulic fluid of the shock.

Finally, the coil falls back into its place once fluid reduces the pressure. This process helps a bumpy road feel like almost nothing.

What Are Struts?

Struts are a widely used component that you’ll find on almost all front-wheel-drive vehicles. A strut combines a number of suspension parts into one component. 

A strut includes a coil spring, spring seats, a strut bearing, shock absorbers, and a steering knuckle. Although, in most cases, you’ll only have to service the shock absorbers. 

You see, a strut does more than just absorbing impact. It helps in the controlling process of a vehicle.

Differences Between Shocks and Struts

So, is there any difference between a shock and a strut? 

The thing is, while struts and shock perform similar activities, they’re not really the same. The main difference is, shocks are an independent component. 

On the other hand, struts are combined with one of the suspension system coils. Struts function as a systematic section of the suspension system. 

Moreover, struts have a bearing that helps in the steering process.


  • Struts control the erratic movements of the vehicle.
  • These things are combined with one of the suspension coil springs.
  • Struts are a systematic part of the suspension system.
  • Front struts have a bearing that plays a role in the steering system.
  • Struts are quite expensive in comparison to shocks.


  • Similar to struts shocks also control the rebound and impact motion of the vehicle.
  • Shocks have a simpler design compared to struts. These things also cost way less than struts.
  • You can pair struts only with the suspension coil springs while shocks can merge with the coil, torsion bar, or leaf springs.


So, this is all we had to say about struts vs shocks. These things need to work properly for giving a smooth ride. 

Moreover, struts are important to your steering system. That’s why whatever you do, never forget to service your shocks and struts once in a while.

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