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Let’s be honest, turbos are complex and faulty turbos can be disastrous to our precious vehicle. Not only will it downgrade the performance but will also damage the engine. 

But the right turbos, however, will take the performance of your ride to a whole new level. For instance, if you have a Silverado and want to add more power to it the top silverado turbo kit and speed through even off-road terrains effortlessly.

The right not only adds power but it also allows a smaller and fuel-efficient engine to be installed.

If you are curious to know more, take a look at our picks for the best Silverado turbo kit in 2020

Single Turbo Hotparts Kit Turbocharger Vortec—best turbo kit for 5.3 silverado

Overview and Construction

Made out of industry-grade aluminum and steel makes this one pretty durable and long-lasting and the kit perfectly fits with 4.8, 5.3, and 6.0 engines making it right for the Silverado.

The 3-3.5 inch stepped downpipe which is used to keep the exhaust stay cooler is made of T304 high-grade stainless steel which means it won’t rust and will last a long time alongside all the other parts. The cold side of the turbo features lightweight aluminum tubing which evenly distributes the heat to make sure the turbo lasts longer.

Performance gain

The kit does not go overboard and give you too much power. It does, however, give you a significant boost. The acceleration will feel much smoother. The custom turbo manifold boosts up the unit functionality.

The hotparts kit also comes with v-band Westgate. The Westgate works to divert the exhaust gas away from your turbo system. The kit enhances performance and keeps the engine safe.

Installation Procedure

The installation is pretty simple. The bolt-on design makes it much easier to set up. The system includes stainless steel t-bolt clamps which are incredibly durable and keeps everything firmly attached

What makes this a great kit?

The upgraded performance is certainly appreciated. You will feel a noticeable difference in speed and transmission. The kit also keeps the engine and the turbocharger safe from excess heat and exhaust gas making this one a very reliable and long-lasting kit

  • Long-lasting intercooler
  • Suitable to 800HP and more
  • Easy to install
  • Construction form quality materials
  • Stepped pipes are very durable
  • Designed only for GM engines


                                                            Turbo T4 Kit Vortec V8

Overview and Construction

The full hotparts comes as a complete kit and provides all the necessary parts you would want in a turbo kit for your Silverado. The kit is compatible with 4.5, 5.3, 6.0 and 6.3 engines even aside from the Silverado it is compatible with the GMC Sierra and ETC 1999-2013 models.

All parts are constructed from lightweight aluminum and industry grade steel.

Performance gain

The kit has installed a great amount of ingenuity. The custom T4 turbo manifold along with the 2.5-inch stainless steel cross over is flanged properly and allows excess exhaust gas to properly channel into the merge collector.

The O2 sensor plug mounted in the manifold monitors the level oxygen in the exhaust to gauge the fuel mixture which in turn enhances the overall performance.

Installation procedure

Since it comes as the whole kit there will be a few parts that you won’t always need. Installing all of that may be difficult on your part and certainly will be time-consuming. But if you have ideas about the parts it becomes an easy job

What makes this a great kit?

The reason this is preferable by many is because it comes as an entire set and gives your car a smoother transition in speed compared to the stock version. I t also influences fuel economy if properly used.

  • A complete set
  • Everything properly welded
  • Stainless V band removes exhaust gas
  • High flowing manifold
  • Comes with an O2 sensor
  • Takes a long time to set up
  • Vague instruction about installation


                                             MMI GM VORTEC TWIN TURBOCHARGER KIT PACKAGE 

Overview and Construction

The steel construction of the kit gives it standard durability and longevity. What is impressive is the OEM quality downpipes and cast exhaust manifolds. The kit comes with mandrel-bent tubing which is made of aluminum. 

The kit weighs about 125 pounds but the part lightweight aluminum construction makes it look perfectly adjustable and not bulky at all.

Performance gain

The kit allows a more noticeable power from the torque and can even be fuel efficient if used carefully. To further enhance this boost and keep everything safe there is a front mount intercooler which allows the turbo to perform smoothly as it negates high temperature and pressure.

The braided SS-AN oil line lowers gas intake and improves the efficiency as it drains through the parts of the turbo.

Installation procedure

This is where the kit lacks. The installation procedure is difficult and time-consuming. Although there are images, it still does not tell you much. 

If you lack experience then it is best not to experiment with the installation because some of the parts are flimsy and can collapse if not installed properly. Best to have an expert come and install this one.

What makes this a great kit?

The kits are difficult to install which is mainly the installation guides’ fault and can be easily fixed. They are also a bit costly but they significantly enhance the overall performance of your truck and comes with standard durability.

  • Comes as an entire kit
  • Exhaust pipes can be connected easily
  • Lightweight aluminum pipes
  • Steel construction
  • Includes all vacuum lines
  • Comparatively costlier
  • Difficult to install

Final Verdict

We did a lot of digging around to come up with some great products for your Silverado. As for our favorite, we definitely think Single Turbo Hotparts Kit is the best silverado turbo kit currently available. We really liked how durable and easy it was to install the kit as for performance all of them were great. Consider looking out for any of these  kits the next time you are out to buy turbo to boost up your silverado.

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