The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020

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If you have a jeep wrangler then, of course, you are occasionally going to take this bad boy out for a spin in some off-road tracks. The jeeps are rugged indeed but can wear out if used excessively.

To make sure you can continue the offroad adventures you need high-quality shocks to prevent your jeep from taking unnecessary damage.

Shocks don’t support the weight rather they control the body of the vehicle and maintain contact on the road. These are responsible for protecting the suspension system and helping the vehicle perform equally well on both on-road and off-road.

If you are interested to know more. Why not stick with us as we talk about our top 6 picks for the best shocks for jeep wrangler in 2020.

  1. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks Set

best shocks for jeep wrangler jkThe 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020
Very easy to install

The Bilstein 5100 makes it very easy for anyone to set up. The entire set comes with nut, reservoir camps, and washers. The bar pins attached to the shocks make things even simpler. Takes only about 30 minutes to install.

Just take out the factory shock and attach using the hardware that came with the Bilstein. If you are confused as to which way the shocks should be mounted then just follow the logo. If the logo is right side up then the shocks should also be that way. In general, it is recommended to have the boots down.

Monotube offers amazing performance

This nitrogen-charged monotube stops any kind of foaming of the oil and in turn, offers better cooling and more efficiency. The shocks also allow putting more fluid into them to increase shock absorption. 

These are also better than the Bilstein twin-tube hydraulic shocks and have an impressive tolerance similar to an engine cylinder.

Boots for increased offroad adventures

All the shocks come with attached black bellows corrugated boots. These boots increase its already impressive weight control and in turn gives a better offroad performance. You can even take out the boots if you want to.

Zinc plated body can take a beating

The multi-layered zinc finish complements its durability and makes sure the whole shock body is built to last.


  • Bar pins make it very easy to install
  • Unique digressive valving system
  • Robust build enhances durability
  • The shock body has no groove
  • Hard chromed piston rod offers weather resistance
  • Provides more oil capacity
  • Offers superior heat dissipation


  • Can not be adjusted


              2.     FOX PERF. SERIES IFP SHOCKS

The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020

Aluminum body resists corrosion

The performance shocks are made of 60601 T6 aluminum which ensures the shock body and all its parts extreme durability and longevity. To stand up to various elements it is also covered with a clear anodized finish. This will also prevent any corrosion. 

This bonus feature will increase the price of the shocks compared to many other models of the Fox but will allow your Fox shocks to last longer.

Excellent on off-road and smooth on on-road

The fox shocks mean business when it comes to off roads. Whether you are simply trail riding or blasting through deserts these shocks will be with you all the way.

Nitrogen charged shocks are there to eliminate any foaming or cavitation that you can get from working a shock very hard which means you can go all out on off-roads. 

As for the on-road experience. Its impressive valving system allows for a stable and comfortable ride.

Heat-treated alloy shaft offers better control

These shafts hard-chromed heat-treated alloy steel shafts utilize nitrile bushings to increase articulation.

They help increase off-road performance but also allow better handling and control on-road

Perfect to pair up with a lift kit

If you are looking for a leveling kit or a lift kit that provides a marginal bump and clearance then you might be pleased with the fox.

These will be a direct replacement to a stock height wrangler up to a one-inch lift that will pair very well with any coiler spacer lift or any 1-inch leveling kit.


  • Rust resistance aluminum body
  • Quiet rubber allows better suspension control
  • Can be bolted directly in place of factory shocks
  • Alloy shafts eliminate any foaming
  • Impressive valving system for on roads


  • Takes a long time to install


         3.  Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks Set

The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020
Brushed aluminum finish 

This Bilstein shock comes with a brushed aluminum finish which gives it a more metallic look. This aluminum finish is not only there to complement its look rather it is also there to enhance the durability and longevity of the product. This also prevents any type of corrosion.

Works for even 4.5-inch lift

While the whole set is dedicated for your wranglers, 4WDs and RWDs that have a 3.5-4 inch lift. The stocks also work with vehicles with 4.5 lifts. Although it is best to use it for lifts of up to 4 inches. 

Prevents bouncing and swaying

Since these will be replacing the factory stocks you already have in your wrangler they should provide that off-road performance.

In that sense, this Bilstein 5100 does not disappoint the bellows offer superior suspension to smooth out the bump

Digressive piston system for better control

Digressive shocks are used instead of the progressive ones; they are designed in a way that allows the valving systems to control the shafts. The resistance shaft increases when the speed increases. Meaning they will provide excellent control in off


  • Aluminum finish increases longevity
  • Boots to increase shock absorption
  • Has a smooth exterior
  • Will perform up to 100k miles


  • Are applicable for over 3.5 inches lift
  • Can not be adjustable


                  4.   Bilstein 33-151663 6″ Lift Rear Shock

The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020
One of the lightest rear shocks 

These shocks come separately and are only used as rear shocks. Bilstein has come up with a lot of shocks but undoubtedly this is one of the lightest ones. What’s amazing is it has almost similar features to the other 5100 series and yet it is so lightweight compared to the other ones.

The downside is you will have to get them separately.

Compatible for 6-inch lifts

These are nonadjustable and are only applicable for SUVs, pickups, and jeeps with a 6-inch lift. This might be bothersome for some people but in hindsight, you normally would not find quality 6-inch lift stocks at a price similar to these Bilstein rear stocks.

Better used for extreme off roads

The reason these stocks perform exceptionally better off roads is because of that height. You would also want the 6-inch stock if you are willing to often go on an off-road adventure. The attached boots also provide excellent resistance to enable smooth rides on bumpy surfaces

Has bar pins for easy installation

These Bilstein rear stocks also have similar bar pins attached so they can be easily installed after taking out the factory stocks. These stocks work best with 84 and 85 jeep Cherokee


  • Self-adjusting valves adjust to road conditions
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Specially designed for lifted pickups


  • Can not be adjustable
  • Available separately but only for rear


                     5. Bilstein 24-185653 Front Shock

6 inch Highly durable front shocks

Now that we have already talked about one of the best rear shocks, time to talk about one of the best front stocks. These Bilstein 24 front shocks are ideal for both on-road and off-road. 

Very light-weight and coming at a very reasonable price these shocks are designed for off-road performance. These do not come in kits or pairs, rather you will have to buy them separately

Zinc plated smooth finish

Zinc plated finish allows it to be more durable. While there are better alternatives and ones that have aluminum finishes with anodized covers. A zinc one does a nice job in increasing longevity

It takes a little time to install

Unlike the other Bilstein shock, this Bilstein take a little more time to set up despite being a single boot and single body shock

B8 Shock absorber designed for pick-ups 

B8 shock absorbers are ideal for your wranglers or SUVs that you want to take off roads. B8 has a shortened performance damper which is specially shortened high-performance shocks that guarantee a much smoother ride even when you are blasting through desserts.


  • Self-adjusting valving system for better control
  • Provides better control for large tires
  • Large pistons to dampen impacts
  • Zinc plated finish enhances longevity


  • Doesn’t offer much for on-road performance


                                                       6.  Bilstein 24-185660 Rear Shock
The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020

Works better with big rims

Although the shocks do not affect the alignment of the truck, they can, however, cause the tire tires to wear out. If you have rims over 20 inches then these Bilstein 24 rear stock will serve justice to those big rims.

Provides no room for aeration

Shock aeration happens if somehow the nitrogen gas and oil inside the shocker mix. This mixture causes foaming if foaming occurs then the shocks will lose 

Dampening power.

Sometimes during long drives or when driving at high speeds through off roads, the shocks bounce a lot. This increased vibration and bouncing may cause foaming. But the Bilstein rear shocks are aeration proof and keep the oil and gas separate.

Compatible for 3-5-inch lifts

The shocks are non-adjustable but are definitely versatile in a sense that they are perfect for any pickups, jeeps, or SUVs with a 3 to 5-inch lift. But since they are not adjustable at all, they will not adjust for even a smaller difference.

46 mm Smooth Body design

The sleek 46 mm monotube design allows some quality features such as the self-adjusting valving systems. The design also gives a nice clean look and is very easy to clean when needed.


  • Enhances off-road performance
  • Utilizes O.E.M mounting configuration
  • Provides superior control for larger rims


  • Comparatively a little heavier
  • Not preferable for small wheel size


7. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set 


The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020
Compatible with 3.5-4 inch lift

Almost at the end of our list, we have another one from Bilstein that is a set that comes along with all the required mounting bolts, nuts, bushings and washers, and both front and rear shocks.

The front shocks are compatible with 3.5-4 inches lift and the rear shocks are for 4-inch lift SUVs, pickups, and wranglers.

Bilstein’s warranty put minds at ease

The Bilstein are confident in their products but to put the customers’ minds at ease they provide a lifetime warranty. This warranty protects the products from various kinds of defects and premature failures.

Very easy to install

Like the previous Bilstein kit for the 1.5-3 inch lift, these ones are also very easy to install and can be set up in about 30 minutes or so. If you are mounting them for a custom application then it will not matter which way you mount them. 

But as a general rule of thumb, the rear ones should be mounted upside down and as for the front ones, they should be mounted upright. The shocks also have bar pins attached so you can easily understand the whole mounting procedure.

Compatible for TJ wranglers

The TJ wranglers, as well as all the wranglers, perform extraordinarily well off roads but TJ wranglers have a subtle whiff of nostalgia attached to them as they were the last ones built with AMC parts. 

To further enhance their offroad performance you should definitely go with this Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set. These are compatible with the 1997-2006 wrangler TJs.


  • Self-adjusting valves
  • Monotube design to prevent foaming
  • Comes as an entire set
  • Works equally well for off-roads and on-roads


  • Focuses mainly on the offroad performance
  • Not fit for the newest models


8. Bilstein 24-185264 Rear Suspension

The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020The 6 best shocks for jeep wrangler jk, xj, yj, tj, In 2020
Triple C coating 

Triple C coatings are a specialized three-layered coating system that is used to make the shocks corrosion resistant. Rusting is part of corrosion and for shocks, rusting is a common but a big problem. 

The shocks are also placed in such a manner that you can not just easily clean the whole thing. The Triple C coating makes sure you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Versatile compatibility

While the shocks are perfect for your Tj wranglers from 97 to 2006, they are also usable in wrangler rubicons from 03, 04, 05, and  06. They can also be used on wrangler short arms versions 1996 to 2006. The shocks are used for rear lift height of 3 inches with a short arm lift kit or for rear lift height of 3 inches with suspension lifts.

Attached shock boots

Shock boots allow you to speed through with ease over the off-road tracks. These boots enhance the absorption capabilities and the nitrile bushings attached provides added control. The boot can be taken apart whenever needed.

Comparatively cheaper

This Bilstein is certainly versatile as it is compatible with various models but the best part is that it is also cheaper. You will definitely get a bang for your buck considering all its hefty features.


  • Zinc plated finish
  • Triple C coating for longevity
  • Attachable boots and bushings
  • Adjusts to road conditions


  • Comes separately and not in sets

Final Verdict

We do hope you find all this information useful and can put it to good use when selecting the right shocks for your wrangler. As for our pick from the best shocks for jeep wrangler, we really liked the Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks Set which is used for a 1.5 to 3-inch lift. 

Considering all its features and the budget we really could not find a better alternative out of this above-mentioned shocks. Whatever shock you choose make sure it provides both off-road and on-road performance and gives you a comfortable ride.

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