Road Glide vs Street Glide- Which One Should You Choose?

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Harley Davidson is one of the most popular and renowned bike manufacturers. Over the years, the company has produced different models of quality bikes. To this day, bikers have enjoyed their bikes.

Two of these bikes are the Road Glide and the Street Glide. Both of these bikes have an athletic and sporty body. They are well-made American bikes that will provide service for a long time.

So, when it comes to road glide vs street glide, what are the major differences between these two bikes?

Well, we’ve written this article just for you so that you know all there is about these bikes. So, let’s start. 

The Harley Davidson Road Glide

The Road Glide is quite a popular bike among bikers. It includes a 1745CC engine with an auto start mechanism. Moreover, the air cooling system is 372 kg and includes a wet mutilated clutch. 

The suspension system in both the front and rear has a double bending valve. And this goes without saying, this modern bike has LED taillights. 

However, the fairing is mounted to the frame, so the wind protection might be a bit different in comparison to other models.

The Harley Davidson Street Glide

Similar to the Road Glide, the Street Glide is a modern and sophisticated bike with a 1745CC engine. It also includes an auto-start mechanism with a fuel tank of 22.7L. 

While the headlight has halogen lights, the taillights are LED. The double-cradle chassis along with everything weighs 361 kg. Moreover, the suspensions in the front and back have enforcer cast aluminum. 

Although the fork-mounted fairing can feel a bit different compared to other models. 

Similarities of the Bikes

  • Both the Road Glide and Street Glide have a 1745CC engine with an auto start mechanism.
  • The engines have 2 cylinders. 
  • An air cooling system is present on both bikes.
  • Both of them have a fuel tank of 22.7L.

Road glide vs Street Glide


The Road Glide has LED lights in both of its taillights and headlights. While the Street Glide’s headlight is halogen-lit and taillight is LED lit. 

This isn’t much of an issue but different people have different opinions. 


The Road Glide includes a frame-mounted fairing system. On the other hand, the Street Glide has a fork-mounted fairing system.

Kerb Weight

The Road Glide weighs 372 kg, while the Street Glide weighs 361 kg. Even though the difference isn’t much, it’s there.


The Road Glide and the Street Glide have a lot of things in common. However, it’s not like that they don’t have any differences. The differences are there but it’s nothing major. 

One bike has a frame-mounted fairing while the other has a fork-mounted fairing. Although the fairing can create a different angle against wind protection. But it’s nothing that can’t be adjusted.

So, the best thing to do before you jump into the details of road glide vs street glide is, take a test drive. Feel the bike and let your heart decide what’s right.

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