How to Measure Shocks? The Complete Guide

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Most people search with their vehicle information and within a minute they know what type of shock they need. 

But it’s not the same for people with rare vehicles or lowered/raised suspension. In such situations, you need to measure your shocks. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to measure shocks in 2 ways. So, let’s start.

How to Measure Shocks

There are basically two ways you can measure the shocks of your vehicle. You can either measure it while it’s attached to the vehicle or you can do it when the shock is separated from the vehicle. 

So, let’s explain them one-by-one.

Method 1: Measuring the Shocks While it’s Separated

You have to measure a shock by its expanded and collapsed lengths. You can either do it from the middle of the loop mount or from the stud mount. 

Step 1: Take the Expanded Length

In order to get the extended or expanded length of your shock, you need to remove it from the vehicle. You can let the shock expand on its own or you can pull it to bring out its most extended position. 

After you’ve extended it, take the measurements.

Step 2: Take the Collapsed Length

Now that you’ve taken the expanded length, it’s time for the collapsed length. 

In order to get the collapsed length of the shock, you can compress it with your hand. Although you can also use a strap to collapse and take the measurement. 

Finally, you have the expanded and collapsed lengths of your shock. This should help you find the perfect sized shock for your vehicle.

Method 2: Measuring the Shocks from the Vehicle

You should use this method as a last resort. Never use this method when there’s another way available. The thing is, measuring the shocks while it’s attached to the vehicle can get quite dangerous. 

That’s why only an experienced and well-trained mechanic with the right equipment should do it.

For finding the right measurement for your shocks, you have to measure from the middle of a loop type mount. 

Step 1: Take the Collapsed Length

The full compression of the shock absorber is needed to get the collapsed length size for your vehicle. 

For doing this, there are two ways. One way is, you can get your vehicle on a ramp with one side of the vehicle on it. Although, you have to keep it on the ramp until it’s fully compressed.

The other way is, you can place a jack below one of the wheels, which will compress it. 

Step 2: Take the Expanded Length

First, jack the vehicle to make the suspension drop. Note that the tires should be just above the ground. Now, take the measurements and you’re done.


So, that’s all we say about how to measure shocks. One thing you should always remember is, never make a mistake of choosing the shock for your vehicle. It can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle.

Good luck!

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