How Does Mustang Active Exhaust Work? Expert’s Overview

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On a relaxed Sunday morning, waking up to the noise of a loud exhaust. Doesn’t feel so relaxed now, does it? Well, loud pipes save lives but tear your ears up and it can be really annoying.

So, if you have a car, you might know what the exhaust system is for. It basically guides the gases that your ride creates and lets it out. That the main purpose of your exhaust.

There are many exhausts that make a lot of noise while the ride is on start. That’s where the American muscle steps in with its active exhaust system. So, how does mustang active exhaust work?

It helps you to be a good neighbor and reduces the sound that is created by the exhaust. The whole process if quite fascinating. 

So, got a few minutes to know about this fascinating exhaust system? Then, let’s get into the details-

What is the Active Exhaust?

The 2018 Mustang was the first of the mustang having an active exhaust system. The active exhaust system allows the driver to adjust the loudness of the exhaust system of their ride as they want. 

Quiet, Normal, Sport, and Track. These are the four settings that the Mustang’s active valve exhaust has. 72 decibels is the limit for the Quiet mode. It can be louder than your conversations but quite enough to keep your neighbors happy. 

On another side, the Track mode can get you to the highest capability of the exhaust and the car itself. As loud as your engine can go.

How Does Mustang Active Exhaust Work

2018 Ford Mustang GT, the revolution of ford in the market was quite fascinating for automobile lovers. 

Most of those came out with a $900 option. It was the Active Performance Valve Exhaust system. 

Now, how does it really work on the Mustang? The valves of the exhaust open and close based on the model that you’ll choose. These uniquely-valved mufflers are the best features of the American beast.

You’ll have a handful of input parameters including RPM range, throttle input, and vehicle load. All because of the active exhaust system. 

When you’re at light throttle and low speed, the valves don’t open that much. That allows you to be a good neighbor and move your ride without making any noise. But when you floor it, the valves will open all the way and making it the loudest ride in the town. 

The thing is that this active exhaust adjusts to your driving style. However, the Mustang has four different modes that allow you the ability to adjust the sensitivity and the volume of the system.


So, now you know how does Mustang active exhaust work. It is without any doubt one of the best features of the Mustangs. 

However, if you don’t own a Mustang, you can still get your ride an active exhaust system. There are many aftermarket active exhausts that offer you the same facilities. 

So, get a quality active exhaust system and be a good neighbor.

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