The best sounding exhaust for v6 camaro In 2020

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Camaros have a fascinating history but the one thing that these cars are wildly popular for since their inception is the sound. The aggressive revved up sound and the deep growling tone is unmatched.

You certainly would not want your Camaro v6 to sound raspy or worst, make some fluttering noise. The original stock exhausts make a nice growling sound no doubt. 

But the best sounding exhausts for v6 camaro are definitely aftermarket ones. The best aftermarket exhaust not only makes the sound better they also enhance your Camaro’s overall performance.

If you are curious to know more check out our picks for the top exhausts for the Camaro v6.


Recommended Best Sounding Exhaust for V6

1.MBRP Exhaust System Camaro V6

best sounding exhaust for v6 camaroThe best sounding exhaust for v6 camaro In 2020

Aluminized Construction for standard durability 

Aluminized ones are the entry-level kits. These are basically mild steels with a coating on it to resist rust. The exhaust will get rusty over time due to weather conditions because it is only rust-resistant and not rust proof.

Sounds sharper than a straight line exhaust

The stock exhaust just doesn’t do justice to a Camaro and that’s period. These MBRP exhausts really open up that sound. 

The sound is similar to a straight pipe but with absolutely no drone. Rev up to high speeds and you will hear its true potential. It won’t sound growly like a v8, rather it will give out a sharp, mean race sound and end with a crackle and pop.

Very easy to install 

The whole axle-back system is very easy to install. All you will need is a set of ramps, a 16mm socket, a quality saw, or cutting disk to chop off the stock exhaust.

Because of its bolt on-no weld design, it is very easy to fit in and adjust and the MBRP is also very light.

T304 Stainless dual-wall tip will never rust

The 4 inch wide tips are nice and polished and are slashed cut. Stainless steel also prevents rust as magnets don’t stick to them. However normal stainless steel would change color over time as the exhaust gets hotter.

But with this dual-tip, you won’t have to worry about that. These have insulation walls that prevent any sort of bluing or whatsoever.

  • Mandrel-bent tubes generate less heat
  • Designed to maximize exhaust flow
  • Dual Tips prevent bluing
  • Fits directly to the OEM hangers
  • Doesn’t affect much on fuel economy
  • Abides by all legal standards
  • Nice, sharp sounds with no drone
  • Aluminized steel is not the most durable


2.  Borla Exhaust Kit – CAMARO ’10 3.6L V6

The best sounding exhaust for v6 camaro In 2020The best sounding exhaust for v6 camaro In 2020
Austenitic stainless steel for ultimate durability

The build material and construction are very important regarding the durability and longevity of an exhaust. Exhausts are generally built to take a beating but some have stronger construction than others

In the case of Borla, 1776 features a complete austenitic stainless steel build. These are highly resistant to corrosion and rust meaning they will last a long time.

A very aggressive sound

When revving up your camaro you would want an aggressive sound but you would also enjoy a comfortable sound once a while. Borla is something that is not too loud or too quiet. It’s something in the middle.

While revving up you will hear a powerful and aggressive sound. The two mufflers further enhance this sound. On throttle, it will bellow nicely with no raspy sound and at low speeds, you will be hearing a nice growl.

Without a doubt, The Borla 1776 has the deepest tone and more aggressive than the MBRP

Easy and simple to install

For all the DIYers out there you don’t necessarily need to go to a shop to get these attached. You will be needing a 6inch 14tpi metal cutting blade or a reciprocating saw and a few other tools

The instruction guide makes it very easy to understand and will provide all the guidance needed. The bolt-on design also makes things easier

3.5-inch exhaust tips are single wall 

Unlike the MBRP these exhaust tips have a single layer. Despite being austenitic steel these are susceptible to bluing but can be easily polished

  • Heavier than the MBRP
  • Mufflers do not have chambers
  • Mandrel-bent pipes for better torque
  • Made of austenitic steel
  • Has Patented multi-core technology
  • Deep growling tone and an aggressive sound
  • Heavier than the MBRP exhaust
  • Exhaust tips will get rusty over time


3. MRT 91U800 2016  Version 1 Performance Exhaust System

The best sounding exhaust for v6 camaro In 2020The best sounding exhaust for v6 camaro In 2020

T304 stainless steel offers extended longevity

The T304 grade stainless steel offers enhanced resistance against rust and corrosion. These have more nickel and chromium in them to provide better rust resistance than average T409 and aluminized steel.

Which means these help the exhaust last much longer.

The loudest exhaust out of the three

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would personally give these a 8.5, meaning they are loud and are definitely the loudest out of these three exhausts.

This one has a throaty and aggressive sound. It is even more aggressive than the MRT version 2.0. However, revving too much after a while makes the sound a bit raspy and some claim it is a bit high pitched and too loud

Very lightweight pair

In most cases, the exhaust especially if it’s just the axle back won’t weigh too much and won’t make that much of a difference. But still the less the weight the better. 

The MRT weighs about 20 pounds which makes it very lightweight.

Enhances overall performance

The straight-through resonator is designed to increase noticeable performance gains. The 2.5 inches wide exhaust also reduces exhaust flow and the overall lightweight exhaust improves gas mileage and fuel economy.

  • Lightest exhaust out of the bunch
  • Improved exhaust flow for better HP
  • Supports various future mods
  • Dual wall exhaust tips prevent rusting
  • Easy to install
  • The sound may appear to be too loud

Final Verdict

Aside from the sound, we also talked about performance, durability, and installation so you can make an overall decision when you are out to buy your preferred exhaust

As for our favorite most sounding exhaust for v6 camaro we certainly vote for the  Borla Exhaust Kit. This one absolutely outclasses when it comes to revving up an aggressive, mean sound, the Borla will not disappoint. Sure it comes at a higher price but it will be worth every penny.

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