The 4 Best Remanufactured Engines in 2020 [Expert Reviews]

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Why would you need the best remanufactured engines reviews?

We all know that remanufactured engines can be a lifesaver when it comes to reliability and cost. Although many of the parts are repurposed, repurposing quality control is what makes it a great value. 

You also have advantages like low-pollutant exhaust and decent mileage. And all of it comes at a very reasonable cost, especially when you put them in the high-end market context. 

And that’s why we came up with the reviews of repurposed engines. 

We are well aware of the implications of getting a solid engine for the money. So, we cherry-picked the options we have for you today.

Recommended Best remanufactured engines Reviews

1. PROFessional Powertrain DFDV Ford 5.4L Engine

Overview and Construction 

If observe the automotive market closely, then you will find a handful of brands dominating the remanufactured engine market. You’ll also find PROFessional Powertrain to be one of them. 

Let’s not waste any more time and see if it’s really worth it. 

For starters, the makers at PROFessional Powertrain take pride in their product hunting and overhaul techniques. In terms of construction, they refuse to make any compromises. 

And the DFDV for 5.4L Ford is an example of it. You’ll find the engine to be a fine-tuned monster that offers superior performance than stock engine options. 

Quality Control  

The top-notch performance of the PROFessional Powertrain DFDV is due to its proper quality control. 

One of the main reasons for such a solid performance is the tuned reverse engineering process that goes into it. The makers at PROFessional Powertrain use their own methods to see if the different aspects of the engine meet the requirements. 

And then they fine-tune it by using various methodologies and instruments. That’s how they ensure proper performance output.   

How is the performance of this remanufactured engine?  

The quality control process is the key to unlocking superior performance. Within the quality control, you have things like flow control, torque performance, and many more things. 

PROFessional Powertrain has found a way to make it all work. And thanks to their industry-leading technology, they are far ahead of the curve.

  • Gasket set and oil pump may be included.
  • Reverse engineering to discover deficiencies in performance.
  • Secure packaging within a recyclable container.
  • OE level components ensure proper quality.
  • Proper quality control assurance.
  • Pressure and vacuum testing are available.
  • Final testing is done with proprietary ‘Protester Max’ at 600 RPM.
  • VVT and DOD test to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Individual checks for compression, oil flow, and more.
  • Diamond and CBN abrasives along with magnetic filtering for an accurate finish.
  • No information on the core return.

2. PROFessional Powertrain VC08 Chevrolet 350 Complete Engine

Overview and Construction

The PROFessional Powertrain VC08 Remanufactured Engine comes with pretty much the same feature set as the DFDV. 

In terms of the construction, there’s really nothing extra we can add here. You’re getting the same level of construction quality that the makers have for all their products. 

In short, there’s absolutely no reason to think that the construction is poor. 

Quality Control  

As with all Powertrain products, quality control is the key element to bring it all together. 

CNC machining and Crankshaft grind are some of the methods they use to ensure optimal performance. Also, the Original ‘Protester Max’ from the makers ensures that all the metrics go through the proper checks. 

Combine all of these things together and you have a solid system. 

How is the performance of this remanufactured engine?

When you have such a robust quality control system, then there shouldn’t be any doubt about the level of performance. 

Fortunately, the performance increase will be noticeable for the user. You will notice a good increase in torque performance and handling. 

In short, the overall performance you’ll get will be very noticeable.

  • CNC machine and DC torque equipment test the machinery.
  • VVT and DOD tests allow for better performance metrics.
  • Tests are done on the Patented ‘Protester Max’ at an operating pressure of 600 rpm.
  • OE level elements offer proper quality control metrics.
  • Biodegradable packaging with proper safety measures.
  • Individual checks for oil flow, compression, valve integrity, and more.
  • The reverse engineering process brings out factory quality.
  • Crankshaft grind index for maximum smoothness.
  • The bolts aren’t very strong.

3. PROFessional Powertrain VC42 Chevrolet 350 4-Bolt Engine

Overview and Construction 

The VC42 from PROFessional Powertrain is another option you can look at if you’re looking for the best remanufactured engine. 

As always, the overall structural integrity is on point. There’s simply no way to nitpick and find any flaw as a whole. Overall, it should feel very robust and sturdy.  

Quality Control  

The quality control is one of its major strengths when it comes to total performance overhaul.

The vendors have their own shop to properly measure every metric and find the correct way to make it better. They have their own proprietary milling equipment that’s capable of bringing out the smallest of details.  

How is the performance of this remanufactured engine?

The quality control capability is what drives the overall performance. 

Once the engine finds itself inside your vehicle, you’ll notice the smooth handling and speed enhancements. In short, you’ll see the perfect overhaul you’ve been looking for.

  • 3-angle cutting for optimal valve seating.
  • Interference angling for clean and efficient engine runs.
  • Smooth engine operation due to crankshaft index grind.
  • CNC machine finishes for optimal performance output.
  • CBS abrasives ensure a clean overall finish.
  • Magnetic coolant filtering offers a smooth finish.
  • The overall integrity is questionable.

4. PROFessional Powertrain DCT8 Chevrolet 5.3L V8 Engine

Overview and Construction 

As a final choice, we have the DCT8 for the V8 engine from the makers of PROFessional Powertrain. 

If you’re worried about the structural integrity, then we can assure you that there’s nothing to worry about. It takes all the traits from their previous siblings and presents them to you. 

Quality Control 

Even the quality control aspect is the same as our previous choices. You get the same quality assurance from Powertrain as with all its similar products. 

All in all, if you’re worried about not getting precision milling or the magnetic coolant treatment, then you don’t have to worry. 

How is the performance of this remanufactured engine?

The performance is as you’d expect. The manufactures do not cut any corners when it comes to performance delivery. 

We can guarantee increased torque and flow performance as a whole. And that’s all we have to say.

  • Reverse engineered engine parts.
  • CNC milling and magnetic coolant allow for a smooth operation.
  • Proprietary quality control.
  • Crankshaft grinding ensures precise operation.
  • VVT and DOD testing are done on-site.
  • Eco-friendly packaging while ensuring proper quality.
  • Interference angling ensures solid functionality overall.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Remanufactured Engine: A Beginners Perspective 

So, you want to buy a remanufactured engine? 

Well, the options we have for you today should be more than enough to cater to your needs. 

However, there is the possibility of going with a different brand. Clearly, we do not have any problems with that. 

So, for your convenience, here is a list of things you should look at before making the purchase. 

Precision Tooling 

Precision CNC tooling is one of the strong points of PROFessional Powertrain. They have all the tools necessary to increase the engine’s overall capabilities. 

Make sure to check the vendor’s in-house arrangements for manufacturing before making the purchase. 

Proper Identification 

When you have in-house measurement tools like the ‘Protester Max’ on-site, identification of the right metric is more than a pushover. 

Make sure the vendor has some sort of rules to identify potential issues and increase the overall capability. PROFessional Powertrain uses innovative reverse engineering techniques to find out the hidden issues. 

Attention to Detail 

Sometimes identification and fixing aren’t enough. Attention to detail is what gives the whole process completeness. 

After completing the VVT and DOD testing, the makers at Powertrain make sure that each part fits together perfectly. For this to work, they have proper milling machines and techniques. They even throw in parts like oil pumps and gaskets. 


The pricing is a preference for both the customer and the vendor. 

There needs to be a balance from both ends. The customer needs to be able to pay for the features. And the vendor has to decide what level of accuracy to produce at what price. 

But, if you want the absolute best, then shedding some extra bucks should be a wise investment for you. 

Closing Thoughts 

We did cover a lot of information in the best-remanufactured engines reviews for 2020. 

If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations. You should be well on your way to buy the best-remanufactured machine. 

But, even if you don’t like our options, there is a remanufactured engine buying guide to help you out as well. 

Overall, you shouldn’t have any problems when finding a value-driven engine for your vehicle.

Good luck!

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