The 5 Best Aftermarket Headlights for Dodge Ram Reviews in 2020

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The Dodge Ram, one of the most loyal pickup trucks in the US, comes with some solid headlights. Although it does feel like an overstatement, the headlights are one of the centerpieces of the truck. 

Let’s say you wanted to have some replacement headlights (for obvious reasons). In that case, you’d want to read the review on the best aftermarket headlights for Dodge Ram. 

We wanted to cherry-pick the options out of the long list of options available. So, if operational integrity is what you’re looking for, then we have the right choices for you.

Recommended Best aftermarket headlights for dodge ram

1. Dodge Ram Pickup Truck Black Bezel Dual Halo Ring LED Projector Headlights

Overview and Construction 

The Black Bezel Dual Halo Ring LED Projector Headlights come in at number one when it comes to the best aftermarket headlights. Now it’s not a pair of headlights that don’t have any flaws. 

But what it does have is a perfect balance, which is very hard to find in today’s market. 

As far as the overall construction, it stands out thanks to its dark design aesthetic. It’s one of those designs which speaks your personality (if darker shades are your thing of course). And the fact that it’s German-made solidifies its stand on quality. 

Headlight Performance

As with all German-made products, quality is key. It’s what sets them apart in the market. 

And with these pair of headlights, you won’t have to think about quality. 

Thanks to precision German engineering, the precise halogen bulbs offer more than decent illumination. Also, these lights will give you a wider angle on the peripheral view, which is one of its noteworthy features.

Why is it the right aftermarket headlights for Dodge Ram? 

So, why should it be the right pair of headlights for your Dodge Ram? 

Although precision German engineering is part of the reason, we believe the illumination quality and extension of peripheral view are the key points for consideration here. 

All in all, we don’t see any reason for someone to ignore this headlight pair.

  • Sold in pairs (both the driver and passenger side).
  • A superior light pattern in contrast to crystal lights.
  • Ultra-bright SMD LED chips.
  • DOT and SAE Approval in check.
  • Compatible only with standard incandescent bulbs.
  • Incompatibility with easily available light options.

2. Headlights Assembly Chrome Housing Amber Reflector Clear Lens Headlamps

Overview and Construction 

The GOHATI Headlights Assembly with Chrome Housing comes with a couple of neat features up its sleeve. 

Let’s start with the overall construction. 

One of the noteworthy features of these GOHATI Headlights is the external shell, which gets external coating in order for the lenses to be scratchproof. Also, the overall structure does feature waterproofing and dust resistance. 

All in all, as a complete package, the headlights should eliminate your negative concerns. On top of that, from an aesthetic standpoint, it feels decent as well. 

Headlight Performance 

One of the key performance features of these headlights is the wide field of view. The newly designed clear lenses offer superior illumination than some of the other options in the market. 

Also, the direct bolt replacement feature along with the vertical adjustment option makes it a solid choice to pass on. Furthermore, there’s no need for extra wires. So, installation is a breeze. 

Why is it the right aftermarket headlights for Dodge Ram? 

It’s pretty obvious at this point why these headlights should be your next ones. We would recommend you check the features thoroughly to see if they check out.

  • Complete outer sealing and waterproofing along with dust-resistance.
  • Complies with the DOT and SAE regulations.
  • Special external surface coating.
  • Simple plug-n-play functionality.
  • 7-step easy assembly process.
  • Bulbs not included.

3. AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly Compatible

Overview and Construction 

We are now about to look at the Dodge Ram LED headlight reviews. And the very first option we have in the category is AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly. 

Apart from the solid ABS plastic housing, the AUTOSAVER88 comes with a sleek overall aesthetic. The housing keeps wear and tear at bay while the headlights glare back at you with flair.

The plastic shell feels on point. There’s nothing too extravagant about the shell integrity. But it’s the design that really stands out and offers some solid impressions about the users.  

Headlight Performance 

As always, the performance of these headlights is right up there with other potent options. It offers a good field of view thanks to the proper illumination. In contrast to other value-based options, this headlight certainly stands out more. 

One of the claims the vendors make about the headlights is the testing integrity. 

So far, we’ve found their claims to be on point. You will get consistent levels of lighting for a prolonged time. There’s no noticeable loss that’s going to be a deal-breaker for you. 

Why is it one of the best LED headlights for Dodge Ram? 

We would go ahead with it straight: 

If you’re someone who looks for design aesthetics and proper field of view, then you should certainly take a look at this option. You will not regret it.

  • Stylish design with robust ABS plastic housing.
  • Scratch and tear-resistant.
  • Bolt-on headlights require no extra modification.
  • DOT and SAE Compliant.
  • The outer sealing needs work.

4. AlphaRex Black DRL/Signal LED Dual Projector Headlights

Overview and Construction 

The AlphaRex Black DRL/Signal LED Dual Projector Headlights for Dodge Ram has a fair number of well-balanced features. Or why would we include it in this best aftermarket headlights for Dodge Ram review? 

Continuing the tradition with sleek aesthetics, this DRL LED Projector Light pair comes with a solid outer view. To put it simply, they will look good on any Dodge Ram pickup truck (of course if there are no installation problems). 

As far as the construction goes, you have a solid headlight pair that’s built to withstand heavy usage. Its weather resistance is good. And the seal is proper, doesn’t allow fogging inside the headlights. 

So, from a construction standpoint, they are solid options. 

Headlight Performance 

The headlight performance is also on par with other high-end options. It allows for decent viewing angles without any distortions. And the light consistency is decent as well. 

So, there’s no possibility of losing visibility unless there’s a major issue!

Why is it one of the top LED headlights for Dodge Ram? 

It’s simply value for the money product. You get decent viewing angles and clean aesthetics. So, if you’re in the market for either of these things, then you can consider the AlphaRex Black DRL/Signal LED Headlights.

  • Includes headlights for the driver and passenger.
  • Compliant with DOT and SAE protocols.
  • Aesthetically pleasing outer shell.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Installation instructions not present.

5. Black Bezel Dual Halo Ring LED Projector Headlights

Overview and Construction 

The Black Bezel Dual Halo Ring LED Projector Headlights are a wild card entry in this aftermarket headlights review. 

As always, we will start off with the design. 

These Dual Halo headlights have one of the best designs in the market. If aesthetics is your thing, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on this deal. 

When it comes to construction quality, then we don’t have any major complaints. The seal is good, and the shell repels water well. So, you shouldn’t have any problems with rough weather driving.  

Headlight Performance 

These headlights perform just as well as you’d expect them to be. For the price, the performance is on par with other top-rated products. 

The light dispersion is on point. And this ensures that you have a wider field of view, offering more visibility than you’d get with stock options. 

Another important thing to mention is the ease of installation. It takes only 20-minutes to plug it in. Also, there’s no extra hassle while fitting the headlights. 

Why is it one of the leading LED headlights for Dodge Ram?

All in all, if we put all the features together, for the value, it’s a very good deal. You are getting all the necessary features you need. And they are not charging anything too extravagant. 

All you have to do now is see if they meet your requirements.

  • Flawless aesthetics with good attention to detail.
  • Headlights for both the driver and the passenger.
  • Features good pattern diffusion and control.
  • DOT and SAE protocol compliant.
  • Quick 20-minute installation time.
  • Bulb quality needs attention.

Closing Thoughts 

The best aftermarket headlights for Dodge Ram comes with a lot of perks. 

But let’s be honest here: 

The originals are pretty cool themselves. They do offer solid performance in comparison to the aftermarket stuff. 

But still, your preference may be different. For this reason, we have several strong contenders here. 

You are now at liberty to pick your option!

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